Have you ever felt sore or tense after a long day?  Look no further than massage therapy!  In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything to do with massage, Portland Oregon, from its history to different types of massage and its various effects on the body and mind. 

There’s also a growing resource section on activities to do in Portland, perfect for if you’re new to Portland, searching for massage in Portland or just visiting and want fun things to do!

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Portland, Oregon, home of the weird, artistic, lush and green, is a beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. It has lots of trees and nature, but also lots of relaxing activities to do, as well as fun things to explore. It’s a great city to explore and discover new things!

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Neck & Shoulder Pain 


Do you suffer from neck and shoulder pain? If you do, then these blog resources are for you! There are lots of ways to manage neck and shoulder pain. Get ready learn great stretches and exercises to relieve your discomfort!

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Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain can be super debilitating. It can be really frustrating and make even simple things hard to do. Some people feel a dull or achy pain, while others feel a sharp or stabbing pain. Read what causes low back pain, stretches and exercises to relieve it, and live the highest quality life possible!

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Upper Back Pain


Upper back pain, especially between your shoulder blades can be pesky and annoying! How to relieve upper back discomfort, and pain can be helped with the stretches exercises in these articles.

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Aromatherapy uses smell, our most powerful of the five senses to create an experience of healing, relaxation and bliss. Learn about aromatherapy in these articles.

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Infrared Heat


Infrared heat is an incredibly healing way to promote healing in the body. By increasing blood flow, boosting your immune system, and relaxing the nervous system, infrared can heal the body on all levels. 

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Sound Healing


In the beginning, there was a sound, “OM”, the sound of the universe. By tapping into vibration, and playing music through your body, you can experience an almost spiritual communion with the divine source within. These articles discuss sound healing.

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How do you live a healthy life? Are there things you can do outside of stretching and exercises to get the most out of being in a body? What other ways can you relax the mind, and spirit that heal you? In these articles, we discuss that very topic, from meditation, to yoga, etc.

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Our goal is always to provide the best information possible, and provide our clients with all of the best resources to accelerate and uplevel their healing. By reviewing health related products, we aim to give a comprehensive guide to health and wellness, that will help people life their best life.

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