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A Deep
Portland Massage

The deepest Portland massage experience.

+ 1-200hz Sound Infused Massage Table

+ Amethyst Infrared Heat

+ Crystal Weighted Blanket

+ Deep Healing Hemp

+ Hot Towel Aromatherapy

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At IMMERSE Massage Portland,

Our mission is to help you relieve the stress, tension, and pain that degrades your quality of life so you can be the very best version you, body and mind.

Relaxation Massage & Deep Tissue Massage

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+1-200HZ Sound
Infused Table

Drift into deep relaxation as gentle sound waves play gently through your body for serene and calm, so you can relax and have the best service ever

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+ Amethyst Infrared Hot Stone
+ Crystal Weighted Blanket

Our weighted blanket is filled with amethyst infrared hot stones and warm crystal pad emits infrared heat to improve circulation, and relieve tired muscles and sore joints during your massage therapy

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+ Deep Healing Hemp

Our massage therapists use organic, pain relieving skin oils, warm towels and essential oils to make sure you get the most amazing massage services ever

IMMERSE Massage Portland
Plans of Care

At IMMERSE Massage Portland, our licensed massage therapists reveal the secret to eliminating your pain in three powerful healing phases.  
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Phase 1: Decrease Pain and Discomfort

Discover the root cause of your pain and quickly eliminate the tension, stress, pain, & discomfort that degrades your quality of life.

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Phase 2: Fix The Root Issue

Fix the root issue by learning new possibilities for movement, stretching and postural awareness. We help you pass the threshold where pain recurs with skillful massage therapy so you can stay feeling great.

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Phase 3: Bulletproof Your Progress

Protect your progress and prevent future injury. Be the best you can be and live your life to the max!

Best Massage Portland Oregon

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For relaxation & Stress REduction

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60 MIN – 90 MIN

Swedish Relaxation Massage with our signature IMMERSE blend of 1-200hz sound table therapy, amethyst infrared heat, amethyst hot stones weighted blanket, cupping, essential oil hot towel aromatherapy, to relieve pain, recovery from injury, improve posture, and stress relief and overall wellness. 

The most relaxing wellness massage Portland has to offer.

Your licensed massage therapist will include a three phase deep-tissue massage plan of care to release tension, discomfort and prevent future injuries.

$150 – $200

deep tissue massage portland

Deep Tissue

For Focused Pain relief

mudra massage

60 MIN – 90 MIN

Deep Tissue Massage with our signature IMMERSE blend of 1-200hz sound table therapy, amethyst infrared hot stone massage, crystal weighted blanket, cupping, essential oil hot towel aromatherapy, to relieve chronic pain pressure points, recovery from injury, improve posture and stress relief. 

Portland’s deepest therapeutic massage experience.

Your licensed massage therapist will include a three-phase deep tissue massage plan of care to help release tension, discomfort and prevent future injuries.

$150 – $200

What Are Real Portland Oregon People
Saying About Our Massage Therapists?

Hear from others who almost fell asleep during their relaxation massage at IMMERSE Massage Portland:




  • Wow! Walking into Immerse Modern Massage, my entire body immediately relaxed right at the front door. The aromatherapy is so intoxicating and soothing, and the ambiance is very nice. Walking into the treatment room was even better. They really did such a good job with the place! Not to mention the massage table! Omg, it felt so incredible to be sandwiched in between healing frequencies, warmth, and high vibrations. I can’t wait to go back!!! I was impressed to say the least.

    Jordan Cohen Avatar Jordan Cohen
    November 29, 2022

    The folks over at Immerse have curated a beautiful space. Along with their magical hands and mystical massage tables, it’s a massage not to be missed!

    Living Roots Music Avatar Living Roots Music
    October 29, 2022

    Immerse Modern Massage is highly professional and always leaves me feeling beyond rejuvenated. As a massage therapist myself I appreciate their unique styles merging East and West therapeutic approaches for holistic results. I would definitely recommend to anyone seeking massage as a lifestyle technology for upgrading your body and wellness.

    Benjamin Rosen Avatar Benjamin Rosen
    April 29, 2022
  • From the moment I opened the front door and saw the stone waterfall I felt a sense serenity. Upstairs the Immerse Massages Space brought me to an even deeper state of tranquility. From the weighted Amethyst Blanket to the low frequency vibration of the table, they really raised the bar on what a massage studio can offer in an addition to a really good massage!

    Kris Young Avatar Kris Young
    November 29, 2022

    Lovely environment, great place for massage! Very comfortable and peaceful. My massage was exactly what I hoped for. She has great pressure and a wide range of modalities and skills to bring to each session. It felt very catered to my needs. I’m still pleasantly relaxed a day later. Highly recommend!

    Patrick Eghlidi Avatar Patrick Eghlidi
    January 29, 2022

    Truly an Immersive experience. Great massage catered to my needs. Love that the table vibrates gentle sub frequencies.

    Callum McQueen Avatar Callum McQueen
    April 29, 2022

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