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What is IMMERSE?

At IMMERSE Massage, we treat the source of stress and pain with clinical massage, lifestyle recommendations and our signature IMMERSE Massage Table experience. Our mission is to create a more peaceful world by creating a more peaceful you.

A Deep Massage Experience

Sound Infused
Massage Table

Drift deep into your relaxation as gentle sound waves pulse gently through our sound infused massage table for an added feeling of peace and calm during every massage

Amethyst Infrared Heat
+ Crystal Weighted Blanket

Our Amethyst Heat Pad and Crystal Weighted Blanket converts normal heat into infrared light that produce sauna-like warmth to improve circulation, soothe tired muscles and sore joints.

Science Backed,
Clinical Massage

We use science backed, clinical massage to treat the source of your stress and pain, not just the symptoms

Organic Hemp Based
Pain Relief

We've partnered with local companies that make organic hemp oil which relieves inflammation and soothes the nervous system, included free in every massage at IMMERSE

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We get this a lot. Our main goal is prioritizing results for our clients We offer payment plans, and packages that guarantee results or your money back.

We do  accept insurance for motor vehicle accidents. See if you qualify, email us at

Our therapists are trained on medically integrated expertise with an emphasis on addressing the source of your stress and pain. We work to find the sore, tight muscles, unwind the fascia and soothe the nervous system and address the cause, not just where you are experiencing symptoms.

819 SE Morrison St. Suite 215, Portland OR

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