Don’t know what to expect during a massage?

Discover what happens during a massage in this article!

From the soothing strokes to the deep tissue work, your body will be in for a wild ride. 


So what exactly happens before a massage? 

Let’s break it down. Typically you’ll fill out an intake, that asks you health related questions. Then, your therapist will go over your health history with you. Then, the therapist will leave the room, and you’ll dress down to whatever level is comfortable for you and climb underneath a blanket on the massage table. After a few minutes, they come back and knock on the door to make sure you’re good to go. Then the session begins.

What happens during a massage?

During the session, the therapist will apply pressure to your areas of discomfort, tension or pain. They should ask you if you want the pressure adjusted. They will typically start where ever you have the most tension or pain. They will undrape the blanket, being sure to preserve your modesty throughout the entire session.

You might even experience some emotional release, like crying or laughing uncontrollably. Don’t worry, this is totally normal and a sign that your body is releasing tension and stress.

Throughout the massage, your therapist should communicate with you, checking in on your comfort and adjusting the pressure by asking you if it’s too much or not enough.

Just remember to communicate with your therapist and let them know if anything feels uncomfortable. And who knows, you might just discover how much your body needed massage after your first session!

What happens after a massage?

After your massage, the therapist will thank you, and leave the room. After they leave, you will take your time getting yourself dressed back up, and you will open the door whenever you are ready. The therapist may come back with some water for you whenever you’re up and at ’em. 

Then they will go over any self care recommendations they have for you, discuss any plan of care moving forward for your treatment. Then they will take payment, and ask you if you would like to leave gratuity. Usually a 20% tip is customary.