What Causes Hip Lower Back Pain?

Can Weak Hip Flexors Cause Back Pain?



Do you experience hip, back or leg pain? Does it seem to get worse when you sit or stand for a long time? what if we told you it can be caused by tight and inflexible hip muscles?

Come learn how to stretch and relax these muscles with us at IMMERSE Modern Massage. What causes low back pain: prolonged sitting and standing, causes gravity to press one on you, causing instability in the lower back.

The Importance Of Desk Posture Stretches



When you sit, your hip flexors are short and tight. For a lot of people who work at desks, hip extensions are super important. We’re going to focus on lower back assessment, treatment and exercises, looking at what causes lower back pain.

Hip extensions are also important in order to keep your spine balanced. Spinal flexion aggravates the issue, so we would start by addressing that posture. Spinal flexion and hip extension are the main causes of hip lower back pain.

A key correction point is learning how to sit with proper posture and maintaining a high level of spinal mobility including flexing, extending, and rotating your spine.

Sitting with a slouched position, low back posture tighten hip flexors (psoas major, tensor fascia latae [TFL]) and gluteal muscles. Sitting for long periods of time tightens the hip flexor muscles and gluteal muscles, which often leads to lower back pain.

There are simple stretches that you can do at home to help rehabilitate your hip flexors, gluteals and lower back muscles. 

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