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Stress & Pain

IMMERSE makes it easy to treat muscle tension, stress and pain. Get your personalized relief treatment plan and intro massage session starting at just $50 for 30 mins

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What is IMMERSE?

We are a team of licensed massage therapists that find and treat the source of tension and pain in your body, and give you posturally corrective stretch & exercise recommendations so you stay feeling amazing.

Full Body Immersion

Sound Infused Massage Table

Submerge yourself in a full body sound experience. Our sound infused massage table provides 360 degrees of full body immersion, delivering physical sub-frequencies through your entire body, creating a calming affect on the nervous system, deeper relaxation, and quieter mind.

Crystal Infused
& Weighted
Sauna Blanket

When amethyst is heated, it emits far-infrared light which penetrates deep into the body, relieving joint pain and muscle tension. Our signature IMMERSE massage includes an amethyst heat pad, and weighted blanket; A truly unique addition to your massage experience.

Science Backed Medical Massage Techniques

We use science backed massage techniques to tailor each session and address the source of your stress and pain, not just the symptoms

Full Spectrum Hemp + Aromatherapy in Every Session

We partner with local companies that produce essential oils and full spectrum hemp that treats pain caused by inflammation

How IMMERSE Compares

Total Value: $309

Our Normal Price: $120

Your Price Today Only: $100

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We offer 10% discounts on plans of care that save you hundreds of dollars per year on regular treatments.

Our therapists offer a variety fully medically integrated massage services with an emphasis on addressing the source of your stress and pain. We work to find the sore, tight muscles, unwind the fascia and soothe the nervous system and address the cause, not just where you are experiencing symptoms.

While medical massage has all of the same benefits of traditional massage: Relaxation, stress relief, relief from anxiety and increased circulation and overall wellbeing, We take medically relevant notes on each client, create dynamic plans of care, track progress, and set goals for progress to help you meet your stress and pain goals. 

Have you tried chiropractic and physical therapy already with lackluster results? Are you tired of it taking months to find, and then get in and see your care provider? Are you frustrated with a care provider that keep you coming back and hasn’t given you long term relief that can stand on its on? That’s where we come in. We are practitioners that are here to give you long term stress and pain relief results so you can get out of pain and stay out of pain.

Only in special circumstances do we accept insurance for motor vehicle accidents. See if you qualify. Give us a call and leave us a message at (971)361-8961 or email us at

Before arriving for your booking, please be aware of our updated procedures:

  • Upon arrival, first, wash your hands in the bathroom. Then, sanitize your hands with provided sanitizer.
  • It is company policy to refuse service to clients with a fever or cold/flu-like symptoms. This policy is to protect the health and safety of our employees and other clients. If you are experiencing any symptoms, please stay home and reschedule your appointment.
  • Every client must sign an intake form and waiver indicating that he/she does not have any fever or flu-like symptoms or has knowingly been in contact with anyone who has contracted the virus, every time before each appointment, on the same day of the appointment, before arrival.
  • All guests are expected to arrive and depart wearing face coverings and wear masks during treatments.
  • All therapists and staff must wear face masks.
  • Sneeze or cough protocol: If you need to sneeze or cough, please let your therapist know so they can leave the room, and they will do the same.
  • Appointment times will be staggered to limit the number of clients arriving and departing at the same time.
  • No guests may accompany guests unless out of medical necessity.
  • Please limit the items brought into the building to essential items only – such as car keys, wallet, or cell phone.
  • Please bring your own water bottle and leave it in your car. We are not allowed to offer any beverages, including water, before or after your treatment.
  • Per OHA regulations, we will keep a record of all guests visiting us for a minimum of 6 months in case they are needed for contract tracing purposes.

Our extra precautions:

  • We run air purifiers in the treatment room at our facility. The purification technique used in the air purifier is high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration.
  • We are taking extra precautions to ensure all touched surfaces are sanitized between client visits.

Got questions?

Text Mason,
Our Client Advisor


4838 NE Sandy Blvd Suite 210, Portland OR

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