Massage therapy can be an important part of a general healthcare program, whether for pain management, stress reduction and relaxation, or to improve overall well-being. That’s why most people who get massage therapy feel better able to cope with their day-to-day activities and are able to enjoy life more fully.

A massage therapist can help you relieve sore muscles, improve range of motion, reduce aches and pains, break up scar tissue and help with circulation, that’s why massage can help lessen anxiety and improve sleep by encouraging deep relaxation during a session.

Before you choose a massage therapist, there are a few things you should know about massage therapy.

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Undressing for a Massage: Optional, But Normal

You might feel uncomfortable getting undressed for your massage appointment, but it’s completely normal. If you were at all skeptical, a massage therapist is a licensed professional and using blanket and sheet as a clear boundary, for you to feel safe. For that reason, you can always tell your massage therapist to adjust the sheet and blanket to make you more comfortable for you. By working on your skin, that allows the massage therapist to do a more precise job than he or she could do with thick layers of clothing in the way. Before a session, your massage therapist will give you space to dress and undress yourself and knock on the door to make sure you are all ready before entering the room.

Why Drink Water Before a Massage?

Your body needs a lot of water to properly flush out the waste that’s been building up in your muscles after a massage and if you don’t drink enough, you may feel soreness following your massage. For that reason, be sure to hydrate yourself afterward and drink plenty before you come in, too.

Should You Work Out Before Or After a Massage?

If you want to plan your workout before your, make sure you don’t schedule a massage before one. If you do, you’ll be too loose and limp to perform your best in the gym. Instead, wait until after a tough workout so that the massage can act as a reward for all of your hard work.

Should you Shower Before Your Massage?

If you were wondering if you should shower before your massage, short answer is yes, give yourself a steamy shower before you get your massage, and know that it’s the perfect way to warm up your muscles and take some of the stress off them. Because of that, your body will feel less anxious in general, which will make it easier for their hands to do their thing. Also, no massage therapist wants to work on a super sweaty or stinky body, so please, shower accordingly.

How to Breathe During a Massage

The most important thing for you to remember as the massage therapist works on your body is not to hold your breath. If for whatever reason, you might feel like holding your breath would help you relax, but that’s actually counterproductive. If it’s possible, keep your body properly oxygenated so the massage will address the issues it’s designed to address. If you can deeply and calmly, breathe, almost as though you’re meditating, this keeps your blood oxygenated. It’s for that reason the rush of the oxygen rich blood through the muscle being massaged is precisely how a massage works to make you feel better.

When To Eat Before and After a Massage

Massage manipulates both the muscles and the organs and getting a massage on a full stomach can be uncomfortable. If you are able to, eat something light a few hours beforehand and plan a larger meal for after your massage. If your therapist starts manipulating your organs can have an effect on your digestive system, specifically in the form of gas. It may be embarrassing, but it happens all the time. Don’t worry though, your massage therapist already knows that may happen.



Medical massage is a tried and true solution to a wide range of chronic conditions and because the benefits of medical massage are treatment oriented, results oriented for the betterment of overall health, a deep tissue massage can treat of issues that crop up from poor posture, and more. In particular, this type of massage can alleviate stress, reduce chronic pain and fatigue and help people get more out of life. If that sounds pretty good, we are here for you to help you on your journey of pain and stress relief!