In this article, we will outline the benefits of self massage for the relief of chronic pain, going over an exact how to, as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of a self massage practice. Not only is self massage a great way to improve your response to stress and pain, but as a practice can transform your life. Not only can it help relieve stress and tension, it can also help decrease stress and pain, but it can also improve sleep, mood disorders, and boost your immune system, generally improving your life and inching you toward being the best version of yourself, body and mind. Plus, it‘s a great way to relax and unwind after a long day of hard work!  It can reduce inflammation caused by poor posture, and the overwork and overwhelm of life. Finally, it‘s an excellent way to tune in with yourself, your body’s individual struggles and practice self care at a deeper level to nurture your body in loving kindness and care with some indulgentme time“, which is so important especially in this modern day era. This practice can make a huge impact on the quality of your life so let’s dive in and learn more.

Is It Healthy To Massage Yourself?

Yes, it can be a deeply transformative process to massage yourself. It‘s not only a great way to tap into your boy to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and reduce stress, but it can also even boost your mood, relieving depression, anxiety and other mental emotional conditions. By applying oil, or lotion and pressure to tender and sore areas of your body, you can reduce your pain and tension in the muscles and joints of your body, as well as increase the range of motion in stagnant areas of circulation. The practice of taking a few moments for yourself and regularly allowing you to take a break from the hustle and grind of everyday life can aid in a whole new feeling and sense of health in your body.  W data-offset-key=”aj3s4-152-0″>hile it may not be quite the same as getting a professional massage at IMMERSE Modern Massage, selfmassage can still be a great way to promote physical and mental wellbeing and move on a path towards being a force for self healing, in turn creating more compassion for yourself and those around you.

Is It Good To Massage Yourself Everyday?

Yes, in fact, if you want to get ahead of stress and pain in your body, self massage is a great practice to have every dayPlus, it‘s incredibly easy to do; you don‘t need any special equipment or knowledge just some massage oil and your own hands! I typically recommend people have a small bottle of oil that they leave next to their toothbrush so that when they do their daily practice of brushing their teeth, it’s super accessible to just grab your bottle of lotion or oil and tend to your sensitive, sore, and tight areas. Not to mention, it can be a great way to get to know your body better, as you explore your specific areas of of tension that are  leading to pain and discomfort. Furthermore, it can be an incredibly self nurturing, enjoyable and pleasurable experience – especially when you start experiencing relief. On to of that, because it’s so easy, you can do in the comfort of your own home. So, in short, absolutely it‘s a great idea to take the time to tap in with your body and massage yourself every day!

How Often Should You Self Massage?

Generally, it‘s best to self massage every day, if you can. In doing so, you can actually treat much of the pain or discomfort you feel in your body by even the simple intention of taking time to relax, decompress from the busyness of life, and care for yourself. That said, if you‘re feeling extra sore or tight, you can even to do it multiple times a day, morning and night. Alternatively, if you‘re feeling great and your body is in tip top condition as much attention, once a week can still be extremely beneficial. Ultimately, it‘s important to listen to your body and adjust the frequency of your self massage to how it’s feeling, but habits can be really helpful. But with all of these promises of a better life, how, actually, does one massage themself to improve their life, pain, energy, and sleep?

What Is The Best Way To Massage Yourself?

The best way to massage yourself is to start gently strokes. You can always increase pressure over time to feel if the changes in your body start to take before going super deep. Typically, even surface level massage can engender great benefits as you are still impacting circulation and lymph/immune system flow. First, work your way up from the feet moving towards the heart, always. Then, move to the calves and thighs, using more pressure as you see fit, sticking to kneading and stroking movements as you do. Next, move to the back, where you may use the back of a clenched fist to get into the lower back and hips, focusing on any particular area of stress or tension. Finally, move to your arms and shoulders, continuing to use circular, stroking pressure towards the heart. Then, take some extra time to focus on your neck which is where most people feel most of their tension. With this approach, you get to all of the main areas, and can really increase your body awareness over time, increasing or decreasing the time spent in each area depending on how you feel during and after your self massage session.

Can You Massage Yourself Too Much?

How Long Do The Effects Of Massage Last?

The effects of self massage can be often felt for hours, or days after the session. While most people feel relief from their massage session immediately, the beneficial effects of massage can linger for days, weeks, or even years with diligence and regular practice. For instance, your sense of improved circulation and flexibility will usually still be felt the day after, but if you do it two or three days in a row, this feeling may last weeks. It totally depends on your own body, how much water you drink, the foods you eat, and other lifestyle factors.

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Do Self Massagers Work?

Yes, self massagers can work great, however it is important to note that using tools like foam rollers, tennis balls and lacrosse balls as a massager, it’s much easier to overdo it. Self massagers like these can be a great help reduce stress and improve your mood, they are easy to use and can be used in a variety of ways. However, because of how hard they are, usually harder than a fist, it can typically be more pressure than even your massage therapist would apply. It’s important to use these tools with care, and in moderation and make sure to never overdo it, and especially not to the point that it is painful, as that can actually be counterproductive. If you feel yourself tense up after using a self massage tool, stop and consult a massage therapist.

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