Hot stone massage is an incredibly relaxing way to unwind from a long day. The warm stones help to relax the muscles, and not only make your massage therapy experience more pleasant, but it also makes it easier for your therapist to do deeper work, more quickly, making it the perfect add on to your massage experience at IMMERSE. They also help to increase blood flow to the areas, and promote the healing of muscle tissue and improve the immune system, which can help to reduce inflammation and improve an array of benefits that massage offers. Plus, hot stone massage is extremely nourishing, calming, relaxing, which reduces stress and anxiety by downregulating your nervous system.

Are Hot Stone Massages Effective?

Yes, hot stone massages can be very effective, for a number of reasons that we will cover in this article! The warmth of the stones helps warm up the tissue of the body, relaxing it and making for a deeper, more therapeutic massage experience. Not only that, but this can improve your therapist’s ability to work out tight knots and bound u tissue, as well as help relieve pain from conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic low back pain, and more.

Hot Stone Massage Vs. Swedish

Hot Stone Massage and Swedish Massage are both great modalities, and when combined can make for a truly relaxing massage experience. if you‘re trying out Hot Stone Massage for the first time, it’s a great choice if you‘re looking for something that‘s  indulgent and luxurious, and can really make your muscles melt like butter. Swedish massage is relaxing on it’s own, but when combined with hot stone therapy, it can take traditional relaxation massage experience to the next level. It typically involves long, kneading strokes and uses lotions and oils to let the stones glide along to reduce friction and allow the therapist to apply pressure not only with the stones, but with their hands, fists, forearms and other massage techniques.

Hot Stone Massage Vs. Deep Tissue

When it comes to comparing the difference between hot stone massage vs deep tissue massage, it really depends on what you want to get from our massage. Hot stone can again, relax your body while bringing deep circulation to the muscles, tendons, and tissues of the body  Deep tissue massage, on the other hand(or fist), is great if you‘re looking for a more intense style of massage that focuses primarily on working out knots and kinks of tension throughout muscles and fascia while also being able to alleviating chronic pain related conditions. Deep tissue is great for relieving and recovering from injuries.. So it really depends on what you‘re looking for!

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Benefits of Hot Stone Massage For Fibromyalgia

Hot stone massage can be incredibly beneficial massage for those suffering from fibromyalgia for many reasons, which all are related to the immune system and function of pain in the body. Most of the symptoms related to chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia can be relieved by hot stone massage. Not only that, but hot stone massage can help to improve sleep quality, which many people with fibro can experience. It can also work to reduce depression, anxiety and other emotional disorders which some people with this autoimmune condition struggle with due to their condition. 

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Benefits of Hot Stone Massage on the Lymphatic System

Hot stone massage is extremely benefit your immune system! The warm stones used during the massage stimulate the flow of lymph, and create a temporary fake fever in the tissues, which flood white blood cells to the body which in turn can help improve lymphatic flow and drainage. All of these benefits make hot stone massage a great choice for anyone looking to improve their immune health and wellness.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massge on Feet

Hot stones can help to relax your feet and the surrounding muscles in your feet and lower legs in the calves and reduce swelling in the feet, especially for those who  stand on their feet or have poor circulation in their lower extremities. These stones open up the blood vessels, allowing your body to receive more oxygen, nutrients and relieve conditions like Raynaud’s syndrome which is related to chronic poor circulation. Not only that, but the warmth can promote a sense of serene calm and relaxation. 

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