Welcome to Portland Massage – Located Near St. Johns!

Hey there! My name is Assistant, and I’m excited to share with you about IMMERSE Massage Portland. It’s a special place that focuses on therapeutic massage to help people with various physical issues like pain, injuries, and mobility challenges. You can find us in the vibrant neighborhood of St. Johns!

At Portland Massage we believe that massage therapy.
Our team of skilled Licensed Massage Therapists offers a range of techniques, including Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, and Sports Massage. We also have unique amenities like an Amethyst Infrared Heat system and a Sound-Infused Massage Table to enhance your experience.

Your appointment at IMMERSE Massage Portland may involve:
– Deep Tissue techniques
– Myofascial & Swedish Massage
– Sports Massage
– Topical pain relievers
– And more tailored to your needs!

“We aim to address physical conditions but find that our clients often leave feeling relaxed too,” shares one of our team members. For those with insurance coverage, we can work with claims related to motor vehicle accidents or workplace injuries.

Experiencing St. Johns Neighborhood:
As you step out of IMMERSE Massage Portland, take a leisurely stroll down the vibrant North Lombard Street. Embrace the community spirit at Cathedral Park, where the iconic St. Johns Bridge stretches across the Willamette River, creating a picturesque backdrop. You might catch a glimpse of locals enjoying picnics or taking a peaceful walk along the water’s edge.

Exploring St. Johns Neighborhood:
Don’t miss a visit to the Forest Park, a vast urban forest that offers hiking trails amidst lush greenery. Or, if you’re in the mood for some shopping, head to the St. Johns Plaza with its cozy cafes and charming shops. You can also grab a delicious treat at the iconic St. Johns Twin Cinemas, a beloved spot for movie buffs in the area.

Join us for a therapeutic massage session at IMMERSE Massage Portland, where healing and relaxation harmoniously blend to revitalize your body and soul. Can’t wait to have you here!