Understanding the Benefits of Massage For Children

Massage therapy isn’t just for adults. In fact, infants and children can also benefit from the healing power of touch. But is massage safe and effective for kids? Let’s explore some commonly asked questions and find out.

Is it ok for kids to get massages?

Absolutely! Massage can help young ones regulate their nervous system and relax from the stress and/or pain of a growing body!

What is the youngest age to get a massage?

There’s no specific age limit for when a child can start receiving massage therapy. In fact, some parents start massaging their baby in the early weeks of their life. This can help the parent and child bond, grow up with a positive relationship to touch.

Is it healthy to massage babies?

Yes, massage can be very healthy for babies. It can help promote relaxation, aid in digestion, and improve sleep patterns. It can also help hormone production. By producing oxytocin and endorphins, bonding and overall health can be improved with massage.

Will massage improve my child’s sleep?

Getting a good night’s sleep helps our children grow. But sometimes, little ones have trouble sleeping. Massage therapy is an effective way to help children sleep better. By regulating the nervous system, it can make it easier for them to sleep.

Does massage improve children’s digestion?

Yes! By stimulating digestion in infants and children, massage therapy can help ease constipation and reduce gas and bloating.
In addition, massage can help calm a fussy baby, which can be especially helpful for children with colic.

Massage therapy can also be beneficial for children with feeding difficulties. By stimulating the mouth and jaw muscles, massage can help improve sucking and swallowing, which can help infants better tolerate feeding.

Can massage therapists work on children?

Yes, many massage therapists are trained and qualified to work with children of all ages. In some cases, certain studios will chose not to provide massage to minors. In other cases, some studios or clinics may require a specific consent form signed by the parent.

Is massage good for kids?

Yes, massage therapy can be very beneficial for children. Massage can help reduce stress, anxiety and improve mood. This can positively impact behavior and the child’s social and brain development.