Lower Back Pain Relief Exercise

Sitting for long periods of time is common but does cause problems for your back. We like working with clients who have lower back pain because we generally see a lot of quick results with this type of injury. The most common culprit is weak abs and glutes and you can check out what we wrote below to see what exercises we’d normally recommend to relieve lower back pain.

Bird Dog

For the Bird Dog exercise, you will use your abdominal muscles to stabilize your body on your hands and knees as you extend opposite leg and opposite arm, and repeat several times on each side. 

The bird-dog is an excellent foundational exercise that helps build strength, control, and balance in the torso and both the legs and arms. It also trains the body to work dynamically in unison by challenging each of these muscles to work with one another simultaneously, which reflects our day-to-day movements.

Dead Bug

To execute the bird dog, begin by positioning yourself on all fours, with both shoulders and hips at a 90-degree angle. Engage your abs and extend your right arm as well as your left leg until they’re in one straight line from your shoulder to heel. Focus on reaching out rather than up. Then, return to the starting position without touching the floor and repeat on both sides.

If These Exercises Don't Help

If you’re not sure if you are targeting the right muscles, and these exercises don’t provide relief, maybe it’s time to book a massage with one of our top therapists who specialize in deep tissue and therapeutic massage.

Alleviate your pain with massages tailored to your needs. Our staff of licensed, certified massage therapists will identify the source of your stress and pain, and target the problem areas with deep tissue, therapeutic massage techniques. We will also give you the self care resources you need to help you heal your body.

We provide therapeutic massage with the best massage therapists in Portland that focus on the source of your pain and stress. We use tools to help you heal quickly and effectively. Book an appointment today!


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