In order to alleviate neck pain due to poor posture, there are four points typically I’m gonna have you focus on for this assessment, put your heels against the wall. I’m gonna have you put your sacrum against the wall and then back that kind like middle of the shoulder blade part and then the back of the head.

Gently bring your shoulder blades together. Press your shoulder blades down and lift up to the top of your head. Take a couple of deep breaths here.. When you breathe in all the way, where do you feel the most restriction?

Front to the neck? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So kind of back of the neck to the front of the, Yeah. Okay. And then let’s go ahead and put both of your thumbs out and turn one of your thumbs down and then try to reach your chin to the opposite shoulder and know where do you feel most of the there still on the front there?

You more on the back or that right side. Okay. Right. And then go ahead and come on back to the center. Back down and yeah. So sweet. There’s not, it doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot in the middle of the back. There probably is kind along the spine there. Just cause forward at all. Your head is um, you know, impact for your backs impacted by that. Cause your head is so heavy. Yeah. *laugh*, our head is like a bowling ball on top of a stack of dominoes. Really *laugh* Um, but yeah. Um, okay. And then I’m gonna bring you over here. The will just face up on a of motion with your neck.

Where do you feel that?
The whole thing like here? Probably the most. Okay, so more on side there. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Camera will be able to pick this up, but when I press here, I can actually visibly see the muscle here in your neck right there. Super tense. So definitely in like speed, stealing in the front here, side of the back. What about here?

More up to the, towards the top of the neck. I can definitely feel it down here. Okay. But more so up here. Just good for grid measure. Just And there’s no pain or discomfort or anything? No. All right. Well for today then I’m going to you starting face up. Um, just because that’s gonna be the best way to get into some of those front side neck muscles. And we’ll do some of that kind of neck stretching, but just get the little massage in there with it. Um, getting into those stretches and then doing some massages is gonna just help open that stuff up.


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