In this video we will stretch your neck near the shoulder by reaching down away from your ears in order to stretch all of the muscles from the tips of your fingers up to your neck. This is a deep, long active stretch that can be done anytime for multiple benefits.

A postural change is critical in addressing neck pain near shoulder pain, which this video teaches you to address in terms of side neck tension. While it’s possible to address this with self treatment at home, we recommend that you consult a massage therapist who can help design the specific postural exercises and stretches necessary to heal neck and shoulder pain.

Neck, shoulder and back pain from most causes can be relieved in minutes. Neck pain relief, shoulder pain relief and back pain relief are just a few of the benefits of what this video shows you. A chiropractor and allopathic medicine are not needed for this easy solution!

This is a specific stretch for the muscle group in the neck and shoulder. Some stretches target muscles along the back of your neck and shoulders, while others target muscles in the chest and arms. This stretch is for the side of the neck and down into the hands. Each exercise serves a different purpose by targeting different areas of your body. By varying how far you stretch and how many times you repeat the exercise, and coupling it with breathing exercises can really help you get the most out of this stretch.

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