How Long The Benefits of Massage Last


It definitely depends on how often and at what length. It can also depend on your body type, and what types of activities you engage in. So let’s learn what there is to know about how long are the benefits of massage.


If you’re in pain and need relief?


Massage therapy can be an effective tool to manage pain, including chronic pain conditions. Massage therapy can definitely be great for pain, but if you are, the effects at first may only last a few hours, or days.

If you’re just generally stressed the benefits of massage can last much longer, up to a month.


But how often should you schedule a massage to experience the most significant benefits?


It depends on your individual needs and goals. For some people, a weekly or bi-weekly massage is the only way to chronic pain or high stress levels. Others may find that a monthly massage is sufficient to maintain their overall wellbeing.




In conclusion, it really depends on your situation how long the benefits of massage lasts. If you are in pain, maybe a shorter time. If you are just generally stressed, it may last longer. It all depends on your environment and circumstances.


The important thing is, don’t wait to schedule your next massage until you are in pain or flare up, book one now.