Welcome to Portland Massage – Located Near Hollywood!

At Portland Massage we believe that massage therapy. Our team specializes in therapeutic massage, working with those struggling with pain, recent or chronic injuries, lack of mobility, or other physical dysfunctions.

“In Hollywood, just a short walk from Laurelhurst Park, IMMERSE Massage Portland is a haven for relaxation and healing. As you step into our studio, you’ll feel the stress melt away, surrounded by the serene ambiance of the neighborhood and the gentle murmur of nearby Burnside Street. Our therapists are skilled in various modalities, such as Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, and Myofascial Release, ensuring that your session is tailored to your specific needs.”

Your appointment will be with one of our highly trained Licensed Massage Therapists and may include Deep Tissue techniques, Myofascial & Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Amethyst Infrared Heat, our Sound Infused Massage Table, topical pain relievers, and other techniques.

“Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Hollywood, with its vibrant cafes and boutiques that line the bustling Sandy Boulevard. Just a stone’s throw away, you can explore the historic Hollywood Theatre or take a leisurely stroll through Grant Park with its towering trees and scenic trails.

Even though stress relief and relaxation are not the focus of our sessions, most of our clients find the style of therapeutic massage we offer to be extremely relaxing.

“We accept cash, credit cards, but keep in mind that Therapeutic Massage we also work with claims where we can covered massage due to a recent motor vehicle collision, workplace injury.”

After your session at IMMERSE Massage Portland, take a moment to explore the vibrant Hollywood district, where every corner holds a new discovery, whether it’s the iconic Hollywood Library or the cozy cafes perfect for a post-massage treat.

Swedish Massage

In the heart of Hollywood, IMMERSE Massage Portland offers the calming embrace of Swedish Massage to soothe your body and mind. Close by, the lush oasis of Holladay Park beckons, inviting you to unwind amidst its greenery and scenic beauty.”

Deep Tissue Massage

For those seeking deeper relief, our Deep Tissue Massage at IMMERSE Massage Portland targets entrenched tension and muscle knots. Post-massage, why not take a stroll to the charming Belmont Station for a taste of local craft brews and laid-back vibes.”

Sports Massage

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or simply in need of targeted muscle therapy, IMMERSE Massage Portland’s Sports Massage is tailored to enhance your physical performance and recovery. After your session, head to Sandy Hut, a neighborhood favorite for a casual drink and lively atmosphere.”

Myofascial Release

IMMERSE Massage Portland’s Myofascial Release technique focuses on releasing restrictions in the connective tissues, promoting better posture and mobility. Just a quick drive away, Mt. Tabor Park offers a serene retreat with panoramic city views, ideal for a post-massage nature walk.”

Massage Packages

Explore our range of Massage Packages at IMMERSE Massage Portland, designed to provide you with a holistic wellness experience. After your pampering session, treat yourself to a culinary delight at Laurelhurst Market, known for its mouthwatering steaks and cozy ambiance.”

In the heart of Hollywood, IMMERSE Massage Portland combines skilled therapy with the charm of the surrounding neighborhood, creating a sanctuary of rejuvenation amidst the bustling city life. Book your session today and discover the healing power of therapeutic massage in this vibrant corner of Portland!”