Welcome to Portland Massage – Located Near Goose Hollow!

At IMMERSE Massage Portland, we are passionate about providing top-notch therapeutic massage services in the heart of Portland. Located near Goose Hollow, a charming neighborhood bustling with historic landmarks such as the iconic Providence Park, home to the vibrant Portland Timbers soccer team, and the serene Vietnam Veterans of Oregon Memorial, honoring those who served.

Our team at IMMERSE specializes in various massage techniques tailored to address pain, injuries, and physical restrictions. Imagine receiving a massage session surrounded by the beauty of nature at places like the lush Portland Art Museum Garden, just a stone’s throw away from our studio, providing a peaceful retreat for art lovers and relaxation seekers alike.

“Our therapists are highly skilled in modalities such as Swedish Massage for gentle muscle relaxation, Deep Tissue Massage for deeper tension relief, Sports Massage for athletic recovery, and Myofascial Release for restoring mobility and flexibility,” explains the passionate owner of IMMERSE.

Massage Packages are also available for those looking to experience a combination of our therapeutic services,” they add enthusiastically.

Before your session, you might wander through the tree-lined streets of Goose Hollow and discover cozy cafes like Bobby’s Coffee Shop, a local favorite serving up delicious pastries and artisanal coffee. After your massage, unwind with a leisurely stroll to the nearby Portland Japanese Garden, where tranquility and natural beauty merge to create a serene atmosphere perfect for reflection and restoration.

“At IMMERSE Massage Portland, we are dedicated to helping you feel your best while surrounded by the unique charm and tranquility of the Goose Hollow neighborhood,” the team assures with a warm smile.

“Our therapists utilize various techniques such as Amethyst Infrared Heat, our Sound Infused Massage Table, and topical pain relievers to enhance your therapeutic experience,” they share as they strive to provide holistic care for their clients.

“Stress relief and relaxation may not be the primary focus of our sessions, but the effects of our therapeutic massage often lead to a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation,” they explain with a twinkle in their eye.

“At IMMERSE Massage Portland, we accept cash, credit cards, and may work with insurance claims for those seeking massage therapy due to recent motor vehicle collisions or workplace injuries,” they mention, emphasizing their commitment to accessibility and support for their clients.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring the wonders of Portland, a rejuvenating experience awaits you at IMMERSE Massage Portland, where skilled hands and tranquil surroundings come together to create a healing oasis in the heart of Goose Hollow.