In this article, we are going to cover 5 great ways to relax after a massage, and answer some other questions about how to find relaxation after an extremely restorative time for your body, mind and soul. Here  are a few things you can do to maximize the health benefits of massage. Here are five ways to relax after a massage: 

 1. Take a Warm Bath, Sauna or Shower – taking a warm bath, sauna or shower after a massage will allow your body to really absorb the benefits of massage by vasodilation of red and white blood cells, boosting your immune system, decreasing post-massage recovery time, and by relaxing your mind, dropping you into a “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous system response. Infrared heat is also a super beneficial way to take advantage of the benefits of massage.

 2. Stretching or Yoga  stretching has can improve the health benefits your body receives from massage & bodywork, helping your body to maintain the new sense of freedom your body feels after massage, improving mobility and overall movement. This can help your body stay loose after a massage, while also allowing time for your mind to be still and find more time to be at peace. 

 3. Drink Water drinking water after a massage aids in your body’s metabolic recovery process after a massage, helping to flush out any toxins from fat, lymph and other cellular metabolic waste that can be released during the process of receiving massage and bodywork. 

 4. Get a Good Nights Sleep sleeping well after a massage will allow your body to reset and replenish, aiding in the recovery process after a massage that your body needs to go through to receive the maximum benefit of the work. 

 5. Meditation and Deep Breathing meditation and breathing after a massage can help keep your mind clear and find peace, serenity and calmness. You may also find that emotional energy moves through the body much more clearly, and that you will be able to really tune in and drop into meditation more easily after receiving massage. 

How Do You Stay Relaxed After a Massage?

“As a massage therapist, after a massage, I like to take it easy and let my body really feel the benefits of the work, and let that relaxation really sink in. I usually take a few deep breaths and then take a few moments to appreciate the way my body feels right after, and then partake in calming activites like a hot and cold therapy, as well as hot tea, reading a book or even watching a movie. I try to stay way from things like alcohol or vigorous exercise as my body usually feels tender and I want to care for my vessel. I like to take a walk or stretch out to keep my mobility going strong, and make sure I’m not doing anything too lazy or putting myself in compromising postures. Transitioning from the massage to the rest of my day is important to me, so I make sure to take the time necessary to really slow down and care for my body after.” – Mason Palmer, Owner, IMMERSE Modern Massage

How Should I Rest After A Massage?

Sometimes it’s nice to take a nap, or eat a healthy meal, in order to let your nervous system relax. We mentioned parasympathetic nervous system earlier; that is your body’s ability to drop into rest and digest mode, so doing things that aid in the relaxation of your body afterwards will help your body to adjust and recover from your massage. Make sure to move slowly and gently into the rest of your day to take care of your nervous system, which in the end will nourish your mind and your body.

What Should I Not Do After A Massage?

I think we’ve really driven this point home, but after a massage, it’s of the utmost importance to take it easy and give your body the time it needs to rest and recover after a session. Try not to overexert yourself by doing much heavy physical activity, such as lifting or running, as these activities can re tighten those loosened up tissues too soon, before the changes really sink in. Also, it’s usually recommended to refrain from consuming alcohol or caffeine, as these can not only be dehydrating to your body, but also be toxifying, creating an acidic environment in your digestive tract. The idea is to cleanse and rebalance, not to add more toxins into the mix! Lastly, it‘s important to avoid sitting for long periods of time without moving around every twenty minutes or so as this can re aggravate some of the benefits of your massage, especially if you generally sit with poor posture, or if you get a massage for lower back pain or hip tightness. Be sure to stay active, hydrated and move around gently, gradually increasing your activity level in the days following your massage so that you can absorb the most benefit from your massage, and ultimately be the best version of yourself, body and mind!

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