Does Massages Actually Have Health Benefits?

Many people think that massage is all luxury. Others think it’s something they might do once in a while. The real question, is do massages actually have health benefits? We’ll discuss that in this article!

How long are the benefits of massage?

It really depends on how often you get massage. If you get a massage once a week, with focus, the benefits can last a lifetime. If you get a massage once a month, you may see no progress towards health goals.

How often is it healthy to get a massage?

It really depends, but it’s hard to do too much massage unless you have an underlying health condition. Massage once a day, once a week, and once a month are all okay amounts if you are in good health.

Are monthly massages worth it?

Monthly massages can be worth it for those looking to maintain their overall health and well-being. Additionally, many massage therapists offer discounted rates for regular clients, making monthly massages a more affordable option. IMMERSE Modern Massage has a membership option you can look out for.

How often should I get massage?

The frequency of massage therapy depends on individual needs and goals. Those seeking general relaxation, and maintenance may do once a month. If you have chronic pain or injury, you may need weekly or biweekly sessions.